Our bags are designed to be low maintenance.  We use Italian leather that has been treated with oils and waxes to keep them weather resistant.  We recommend occasionally wiping away excess dirt with a damp cloth and  using any commercial clear coat leather cream or balm to hydrate and recondition the leather to keep it lasting for years to come with increased attention during harsh weather months.  We love Effax Leather Balm

Our hair on hides vary in color, pattern and hair length from one hide to another, each hide is completely unique. A very gentle brushing with a soft, damp cloth to keep the hair laying flat in one direction will help remove any buildup of dirt or grit. Also, a light coating of protective spray is up to individual discretion as it may affect the fur’s natural appearance. Due to their raw and untreated nature, pattern shedding is a natural and inevitable aspect of the aging process unique to each wearer of each bag. 

Dye transfer is something that very seldom happens with our bags, but can occur when wearing light coloured clothing during the summer heat.

For Intense stains you may need to bring your bag to a Leather repair shop.  Please bring your 1130 bag by our shop in Toronto anytime for a complimentary cleaning and conditioning.